arbias supports a large number of clients in various housing sites via each client having an NDIS package. The sites are predominately owned by House Choices Australia & Unison Housing. These two affordable housing agencies enter into a Tenancy agreement with each client via the Tenancy Act.

arbias relationship with the client is via the NDIS package that they hold and have nominated arbias as the support service.

As a result of this arbias does not have a direct relation with the housing provider

TAC RIPL Housing

arbias supports folk who are receiving compensation from the TAC following a vehicle accident. These services are currently provided at sites in Glenroy, Abbottsford and Wheelers Hill. The RIPL/arbias service is an authentic independence residential support service where tenants are assisted to gain life skills and reintegrate into their local community. These people are also assisted to transition to other housing options that will meet their personal aspirations and goals if they so choose.