Community Programs

arbias community programs is based on the individual needs of people living in Supported Residential Services (SRS) across Melbourne and has been supporting people in various community based activities since 1991. Throughout the life of the program, thousands of people have been supported and empowered by arbias to break the cycle of isolation with offerings of new life experiences.

Whether it’s playing tennis, walks on the beach or playing in a rock band, recreation is there for having fun, good times and making friends. There’s nothing like the great feeling of physical achievement, well-being and satisfaction recreation can give you. We support people living in SRS to seek opportunities with places and activities in their local area, encouraging people who are generally isolated to become more actively involved in various recreational experiences in their local community. The Community Programs team has workers with particular expertise in:

  • Health & fitness;
  • Theatre & arts;
  • Connecting with local communities in sourcing recreation options.

Funding is provided by a range of philanthropic organisations and local councils to support the various projects provided each year.

The deep end band is run in conjunction with the city of Darebin. The band rehearses once a week at the Decibels Music Centre and has a range of professional music facilitators who support band members (clients) in acquiring the skills to run a band. 

Band members (clients) are provided support in instrument tuition, learning how to set up and maintain sound equipment and seeking gigs at various venues throughout the year. The band plays in many music festivals each year such as the “Where the Heart is…” Festival and “Go Live” gigs. A community programs worker is available to assist band members with transport to and from their home for rehearsals and performances.

For information regarding the arbias community programs service, please contact our offices on 8388-1222